Ville Räty on allekirjoittanut sopimuksen ARTag Galleryn kanssa.

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Ville Räty on allekirjoittanut sopimuksen ARTag Galleryn kanssa.

ARTag Gallery participates in WeArt Festival Barcelona

WeArt Festival BarcelonaARTag Gallery will participate in WeArt Festival Barcelona Oct 11-31, Barcelona (Spain).

ARTag will display art by Ville Räty.

Ville Räty (1980, Finland) paints a modern, urban landscape, recognizable to anyone who’s ever ventured outside of the inner city borders. The centerpiece is always a building or a structure of some sort. A strong, dark shape dominates the composition and takes your thoughts to an architect’s desk.

Räty does not concentrate on a river or a sea shore. Instead he accentuates a bridge or a crane.

The sturctures depicted in these works are often painted with the help of different templates. They appear as cleary defined objects over a colourful and layered surface. In these works you can find a hint of skid row romance, while the finishing is still detailed and premeditated. An interesting contradiction grows between Räty’s rough subjects and rich painting style.

Ville Räty lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated from Imatra’s art academy in 2005 and has performed an exchange study period in the university of Granada, Spain. His art can be found, for instance, in the Finnish Government’s art collection.

Special weekends in ARTag

9318ARTag gallery is open on weekends (Sat and Sun 12:00-16:00)
+ by appointed (contact Veikko Halmetoja +358-44 215 3005)

The following weekends are dedicated to:
13.-14.9. Janne Laine and Ilona Valkonen
20.-21.9. Kalle Hamm
27.-28.9. Kim Somervuori
18.-19.10. Ville Raty and Jasmin Anoschkin
15.-16.11. Kaisu Koivisto
11.-21.12. Christmas Special – Graphics from Himmelblau